Et si vous deveniez parrain ? Et si vous deveniez parrain ?

Your gardens: the budding stars of your home

Are you the proud owner of a Lilo or Modulo garden?


We can't wait to see all your plants!
Tag @pretapousser on a picture of your garden and post it on Instagram! #pretapousser
If your picture gets shared on our account, we'll give you a pod of your choice for free in your next order.
We've cooked up some tips and tricks to turn your phone pics into masterpieces!

5 tips and tricks for an A+ picture:

  •   My plants have grown and my floaters are leveled with the pot;
  •   My whole garden can be seen on the picture;
  •   During the photoshoot, my connected light source (Lilo Edition, Lilo Connect, new Modulo) is in "photo mode" thanks to the app;
  •   My room is well-lit, so I don't need to use the flash;
  •   No cable, no other appliance - nothing will steal the spotlight from my garden!

Need some more details?

Notre Modulo

#1 Your garden

  • We want to see growth!
    Wait a few weeks before taking your pictures.
  • Zoom out!
    Your garden deserves to be seen in its full glory.
    Thank you. Thanks for him.
  • The golden ratio
    The Lilo lamp must be set straight and perfectly horizontal
    - at a 90° angle.
Notre Modulo

#2 Your plants

  • Give them a fresh haircut!
    If your plants have grown past the lamp,
    harvest the top of them.
  • Let them rise to the top!
    The edges of your floaters must be perfectly leveled with the pot.
    A glass of tap water, please!
  • Floaters? Did you say floaters?
    We want to see plants in each pot and floater -
    the more the merrier!
Nos Salades
Notre Modulo

#3 The light

  • Let the sunshine in!
    Take your picture in broad daylight,
    and avoid placing your garden in a darker room. It will give the picture too much contrast.
  • Say chiiiiiives! - with our app's photo mode!
    If you have a connected light source, you can set it up on "photo mode" temporarily through our app. This will adjust the brightness intensity to give your plants their best picture glow #KimKmomile
  • VIPods
    No need for the flash!
  • #Nofilter
    Prêt à Pousser thinks natural is best!
Notre Modulo

#4 The frame

  • Spring cleaning even in Autumn!
    Say goodbye to loose cables, label tags, or anything that would
    steal the spotlight away from your garden!
  • Take your picture at a slightly higher angle
    This will prevent the lamp from
    blinding you and your camera.
  • Go big, go green!
    Take a nice, full-frame picture, and bring us right into your living-room.
  • From above, from the side, with a portrait or landscape layout...
    Everything goes!
Nos Salades

Our terms and conditions:

  1. 1. Having a Lilo or Modulo garden (obviously) and some grown plants (obviously again).
    Easy, right?
  2. 2. Follow the tips and tricks from before.
    Our picture pros will analyze every detail #podparazzi.
  3. 3. Be proud of yourself and tell your friends!
    Your pictures may be published on Instagram/Pinterest/Facebook, with your name in the credits (full name or pseudonym).
    Don't forget to caption your picture.
  4. 4. Dream of your next pod!
    Nothing else to do! We'll send it to you in the form of a voucher for your next order if you win.

No other questions?
Great! Now, it's your turn!