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A flower on holidays

"Always look on the bright side of life." - Sunflower (2018)

  • First flowers in 6 to 7 weeks
  • Biodegradable pod
  • Compatible with both Lilo and Modulo

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Wherefore art thou Sunflower?

What a dream, to follow the sun like Sunflower. The poor flower doesn't know where to look! In their indoor garden they can finally relax - just grow straight and up little fellow, the sun will always be right above you.

Sunflower pod

Growth details

What our mate the gardener thinks of it all

To accompany you during the growth of your plants, download the Prêt à Pousser app and receive personalised tips and tricks to enjoy your plants to the fullest.

  • Average germination time

    2 to 5 days
  • Light exposure

    Summer (14h)
  • Time before harvesting

    6 to 7 weeks after sowing

"Once the first flower is getting weak, cut it, to allow other flowers to develop." — Our mate the gardener


It will grow!


Your indoor garden supplies all ingredients for a beautiful harvest: water, light and nutrients. In the case of a pod that doesn't sprout (which can happen as we work with natural materials), we will send you a new pod free of charge. Take a look at our FAQ.

Fresh and growth guaranteed

The seeds are organic* and the growth guaranteed

Agriculture Biologique Produit en France

Les graines proviennent de semenciers français. Plus de la moitié de notre gamme de graines est BIO. Elles poussent dans de la tourbe et de la fibre de coco. Nos pods are made out of bioplastic and are biodegradable: when your plants grow tired you can repot them ou bien les mettre au compost industriel.

fournit tous les ingrédients pour vous garantir de belles plantes : eau, lumière, et nutriments. En cas de capsule capricieuse (cela peut arriver car ce sont des produits vivants), nous vous envoyons une nouvelle capsule illico presto ! Vous pouvez faire un tour sur notre FAQ.

* Almost all of the seeds we work with are organic.

Système hydroponique

The pod

An innovative hydroponic system.

Thanks to our patented Float® design, you only have one thing to do: add water once every two or three weeks when the floater sinks. The plant takes all mineral salts it needs out of the water (these are released into the water over the weeks). Discover the Prêt à Pousser technology.

Questions /Answers about sunflower

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Questions /Answers

    • Can I eat the seeds of my Sunflowers?

      We've chosen a dwarf variant of Sunflower, to make sure it would fit in your apartment. You can eat the seeds but they will be tiny and they won't be anything to write home about.

    • My Sunflower is taking all the available space, leaving nothing to its neighbours!

      It would be best to have your Sunflower in the most left or right pot of your indoor garden. This way it will have a bit more space.

    • The leaves of my Sunflower seem to be "eaten away", what's the deal?

      Your Sunflower is probably victim of mites, to which its particularly sensitive. Try to clean its leaves with black soap, this should solve the problem. If not, please send us a photo in the "Assistance" section, so we can look into the problem.

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