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Jack of all trades

Strong flavour, nice scent, health benefits... Is there anything Sage cannot do?!

  • First harvest in about one month
  • Organic seeds
  • Biodegradable pod
  • Compatible with both Lilo and Modulo

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Wherefore art thou Sage?

With its woody flavour, Sage is definitely not just a plant. The medical use of Sage goes back thousands of years and apart from that, it's also a plant that has the ability to spice up your dishes immediately. Due to its strong flavour, Sage goes very well with meat dishes. And want to know a secret? It loves citrus too!

Sage pod

Growth details

What our mate the gardener thinks of it all

To accompany you during the growth of your plants, download the Prêt à Pousser app and receive personalised tips and tricks to enjoy your plants to the fullest.

  • Average germination time

    5 to 10 days
  • Light exposure

    Summer (14h)
  • Time before harvesting

    4 to 6 weeks after sowing
  • Harvest your plant for up to

    6 to 9 weeks
  • Preservation

    By drying the leaves

"While harvesting your Sage, make sure to keep at least 10cm." — Our mate the gardener

Recipes for sage

Chef's specials

Sage is a perfect accompaniment to meat, whether used on its own or caramelised. For this, fry a few leaves in a pan with butter. For a more surprising version, try in your pastries with orange.


It will grow!


Your indoor garden supplies all ingredients for a beautiful harvest: water, light and nutrients. In the case of a pod that doesn't sprout (which can happen as we work with natural materials), we will send you a new pod free of charge. Take a look at our FAQ.


Our seeds are organic

Agriculture Biologique Produit en France

The seeds come from special selected seed companies in France. The aromatic seeds are organic and grow in peat and coconut fiber. Our pods are made out of bioplastic and are biodegradable: when your plants grow tired you can repot them or compost them.

Système hydroponique

The pod

An innovative hydroponic system.

Thanks to our patented Float® design, you only have one thing to do: add water once every two or three weeks when the floater sinks. The plant takes all mineral salts it needs out of the water (these are released into the water over the weeks). Discover the Prêt à Pousser technology.

Questions /Answers about sage

Could you repeat the question please?

Questions /Answers

    • Some of the leaves of my Sage are turning black and dry, is it supposed to be like this?

      Yes, this is normal. Feel free to pick the leaves that are turning dark, or to contact us if you really think the situation is out of control!

    • How can I dry the leaves of my Sage?

      Wash the leaves thoroughly and try to dry them as good as possible. Dry them in a bouquet, with their heads upside down. Keep them in an airtight jar.

    • Can I repot my Sage?

      Yes, you can repot it, but make sure she won't suffer from culture shock: repot your plant but leave it under the same conditions (enough water, good lighting and a nice temperature).

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