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Yellow Oyster Mushroom

Sweet, with hints of hazelnut

The colour of these yellow oyster mushrooms are fully natural: under their little caps they taste a bit like hazelnuts and chestnuts.

  • Harvest in just 10 days.
  • Organic mushrooms.
  • Delicious risottos or omelettes.

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Our mushroom kits and how they work

How to grow Yellow oyster mushrooms at yours?

Give your kitchen a bright burst of nature with our certified organic Go Grow Mushrooms! Yellow oyster mushrooms add a touch of sweetness to your favourite recipes and are sure to impress your foodie friends. They're easy to grow: just place the mushroom growing kit on your counter, spray with water daily, and harvest in 10 days. We guarantee two harvests for every Go Grow Mushrooms kit. Each harvest yields around 400 grams of mushrooms.


It will grow!


The mushroom kits are ready to use and, except some water, you don't need anything else. If your kit doesn't grow (it stays a lively product, we depend on Mother Nature) we will send you a new kit. Just send us a little message and a photo of your kit :) our FAQ to learn more.

Fresh and growth guaranteed

Our substrate is organic

Agriculture Biologique Produit en France

The mushroom kits are Made in France, the country of the mushroom, using a straw-based substrate and wheat bran, certified organic.

So much choice!

Which kit to choose?

All our mushroom kits grow in just ten days (as long as the storage conditions are respected: not too hot, not too light) and all are easy to grow (just spray once a day, but don't worry if you forget, they will just grow a bit slower).

All kits will grow one to three times, this fully depends on the humidity of the room in which they are kept. One harvest will be sufficient for a nice risotto or some scrambled eggs. The first harvest is guaranteed.

The difference between our mushrooms can be found in their natural colours and flavours:

  • Pleurotes gris

    Grey Mushrooms

    The classic, with a slightly sweet taste

  • Pleurotes roses

    Pink Mushrooms

    More fleshy, slightly oaky, they shrink when cooked

  • Pleurotes jaunes

    Yellow Mushrooms

    Smell and taste like chestnut or hazelnut


The perfect gift. Even for you.

  • Multipack

    Go Grow Mushroom multipack

    66,84 €

    Good things come in large packages, too


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