Grow delicious mushrooms, effortlessly and right in your kitchen

So much choice!

Which kit to choose?

All our mushroom kits grow in just ten days (as long as the storage conditions are respected: not too hot, not too light) and all are easy to grow (just spray once a day, but don't worry if you forget, they will just grow a bit slower).

All kits will grow one to three times, this fully depends on the humidity of the room in which they are kept. One harvest will be sufficient for a nice risotto or some scrambled eggs. The first harvest is guaranteed.

The difference between our mushrooms can be found in their natural colours and flavours:

Champignons en famille

Magical and fun

The perfect gift

These funny looking mushrooms will make you discover the magic of mushrooms, effortlessly. Once you've opened the kit, the mushrooms will grow in one week and, once they've peeked their little noses through the plastic, they will double in size every day.

Fun and very, very, very informative, a mushroom kit is a great gift for all the curious, for nature fans or worshipers of mushrooms, morels and other shiitake!

Fresh and yummy

The fresh taste of a mushroom, as if it grew in the forest

Much better than those you find in the supermarket, Prêt à Pousser oyster mushrooms match those found in the forest due to their freshness, conferring on them pronounced flavours. We have several recommendations, why not cook them in a risotto, soup, omelette or with garlic. Check out all of our mushroom recipes.

Super easy

Grow your own mushrooms, right in your kitchen


To grow your own mushrooms has never been this simple! You only have to spray some tap water on the kit once a day (the spray is included!). If you forget to do this, don't worry, your mushrooms will just grow less quickly.

You don't need a garden in order to grow mushrooms: put the mushroom kit on a worktop in your kitchen, with a nice temperature and tad bit of light.

Of course, don't worry. An English growing guide (yes, that's a user guide but for mushrooms) in included in every kit.

Agriculture Biologique Produit en France

Organic and fresh

An organic growing kit

The substrate used consists of straw and wheat bran from farms in western France. It's certified organic and pasteurised to guarantee the quality of every mushroom kit. In special clean rooms, the substrate is inoculated with fungus mycelium and then incubated in bags. In other words, the mushroom seed is mixed with the substrate and the bags are put in a controlled environment. After a few weeks, the bags are ready.

We used to use used coffee grounds as substrate, but we replaced this for the organic mix of straw and wheat bran. The cultivation of mushrooms from coffee is thus replaced by the cultivated of mushrooms out of straw!

This technique is has already been used by mushroom farmers for several decades to ensure a beautiful harvest and delicious mushrooms. The manufacturing is carried out in France, more precisely in Brittany and Normandy. The office of Prêt à Pousser is in Paris.


The oyster mushroom: what is it?

A tasty mushroom and super easy to grow

The cultivation of mushrooms is rather simple and oyster mushrooms grow under all circumstances. This allows us to offer you an easy mushroom kit, with almost 100% chance of success. On the other hand, button mushrooms are really complicated to grow: you need to wait at least 3 weeks, check the level of humidity constantly and you have to control the temperature all the time. Anyway, we don't recommend you to grow button mushrooms and because of this you shouldn't expect a button mushroom kit anytime soon at Prêt à Pousser. We are however working on the development of a kit for shiitakes.

With the mushroom kits of Prêt à Pousser, it's easy to grow your own mushrooms: in 10 days, without any humidity or temperature conditions and you do not need a garden.

Finally, this allows us to introduce you to grey, pink and yellow oyster mushrooms. Great to try!

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